Just say, “No!” & Other Shit From an ADD Mind

You know, it’s really not that hard to say, “no, I’m sorry I can’t.”

Or say, “No, I’m not available.”

Or even say. “No, thanks.”

People are such assholes sometimes and they think that if you say no to them that means that you don’t care about them or that you’re not a good friend.

Listen. I have friends that say no to me all the time, do you see me crying or befriending them? No…

The goal of this article is to demonstrate that you should be able to say no at the benefit of your health sometimes. It is hard, but sometimes I just blindly say yes, too much. I make myself super available to everyone who needs me and then I become this slave to people’s needs. All because I’m nice and kind and I’m always there.

Well, you know what? I’m so tired of being trapped in this vicious cycle of, Yes. And if someone gets mad at you for saying no, fuck em.

I mean really, that is immature. You shouldn’t have to explain why you’re saying no, either.

I’m just tired of saying yes and then utterly regretting it immediately after. Like, I don’t even feel bad for myself anymore. This is punishment now. When you do things more than once it becomes a habit. Our habits are what make our lives.

It’s okay to help people, that’s a beautiful thing. The shitty part is when you’re helping people all the time and you have no time for what you really want to be doing.

It’s bullshit, isn’t it? Well. The way out is simply this: the next time someone tries to get a favor out of you because they know you’re a good person and you’re always there, just think about that time that you said, “yes” and then you hated every bloody second of doing a favor for someone. Absorb all that negativity, feed into it, feel it. Feel that awful disgusting feeling in the pit of your stomach. That’s the no screaming inside of you wishing you would’ve said no, but you said yes and you keep fighting yourself to please others. When you could’ve just avoided it all in the beginning and said, “Sorry, I’m not available or I’m busy.” Or, you can just say, “I’m sorry, I can’t.” Everyone’s busy, but when you don’t want to do something, just don’t do it. Don’t let people force you into it and don’t say yes when you mean no.

I’m so tired of it. Sometimes, I get really tired of pleasing others. It depends on the situation. I love offering a helping hand, but I hate when I put myself in situations where I know I’m being utterly taken advantage of.

I’ve committed to an odd job that I’m not happy with. I have one more day and night with this gruesome task. I even gave the people a huge discount out of having a good heart. Well, I just have to rough it through. The great thing is that time passes by no matter what happens, so I will never be stuck.

Then again, with all the time that passes, I keep repeating the same errors and it vexes me greatly. Sometimes, time can make you feel like you’re stuck. I think it’s when you’re doing the same thing, when the weather is the same, when the people are the same. It can be annoying.

I’ve always liked change. It feels like a breeze of fresh air that just hits your face out of nowhere. It’s refreshing. The problem is, it’s like people literally re-live the same days and the same weeks over and over again.

I feel stuck in this fucking cycle that I can’t escape. No vacation will remedy it, no delicious food will help, nothing helps. I keep trying new things only to get bored of them so easily and not complete the task enough to master it. That’s me. That’s who I am. There’s something about the thrill of learning something new that’s so exciting.

People are usually interesting, but not so much when you’re meeting the same kinds of people over and over in different forms. It’s quite annoying. When you meet someone who is just super different and out of the ordinary, that’s such a blessing in itself.

I always meet the same kinds of people, all the time. People who want to party and get wasted. People who want to go out and eat all the time. People who want to spend loads of money on adrenaline boosting activities. People who want to hit the gym everyday. This boring mundane routine just literally engulfs every single person. Years feel like days. Days feel like years sometimes. We repeat the same bloody bullshit every year. Some times are better than others. The weather sucks most of the time.

Global warming is real. Plastic is overproduced. I mean, when you’re bloody towels are made of plastic there’s a problem with the world.

I see so much bullshit on the daily, how the fuck do you get away from it?

I escape in a good book or a great film? Why? It’s the cheapest form of entertainment that can make you feel like you’re in a different world, in a different dimension. This takes us away from the mundane bores of routine living.

Change is good. Variety is great. Having choices is wonderful.

What’s annoying, too is always listening to people’s shit. Don’t you ever wish that someone can just come into your life for just a brief moment only to give you the most refreshing, out-of-the-box information and then they just disappear?

At least, just to know that there are people in this world who care about more meaningful things, other than social media. My generation and the generations to come have evolved into an orb of stupidity. I’ve never in my life have seen a human generation so disconnected.

Ever since technology erupted into touch screen EVERYTHING, people are so displaced, discouraged and dismantled, just like the technology itself. Every time I walk outside on the street or drive my car and see people outside of my window, everyone is on their little box, their little phone. Looking down and not paying attention to the now, to the present moment.

Everywhere you go, it’s like this. It saddens me as a person who grew up without much technology in my childhood. I used to play outside a ton. I would play in the dirt as a kid. I would play with dead fish. I would ride a bike or a scooter. Then I realized how good food tasted and got fat for a majority of time. Until I hit college and got a bit more fat, the fattest I’ve ever been. Then, got a real job and have been working since, lost weight, not having digestive issues. Through all that time being alive I can’t manage to find just one person who wants to sit down for lunch and talk about some awesome deep shit together. If I find these miraculous people, they shortly disappear.

The most beautiful people I’ve met have disappeared into their own lives. Work is good. University is good. Health is alright, could always be better. Social life is utter shit.

Tell me where I can meet people who actually want to meet in the flesh?



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