Just Be in the Present Moment

I really like watching surfing movies, and for some reason they’re just super relaxing. I love watching people surf. It’s so fascinating. I’ve never surfed before because where I live, there are no big waves, but I want to try paddle-boarding.

But here I am consistently digressing. Basically I watched this movie with one of my favorite surfers, John John Florence. Kelly Slater and Stephanie Gilmore are also in the film. It’s called, Proximity. It’s really relaxing. Watching surfing movies helps me relax.

Anyway the film had a great message. There were some pretty awesome words said in the commentary. I pondered some of the words and I’m like, “you know what? yeah man!”

“I totally agree with what’s being said right now!”

These are some of the words the film said. The more I listen to them, the more at peace I am with living fully in the present moment. What peace comes with this perspective:

“Time doesn’t wait for anybody. None of us has any time to waste.”

“They say time is money, but the things you can buy with money are cheap. Time you can pay for, but you can’t buy any.”

“Everybody tells you, they don’t have time for this or for that. Well, of course they don’t because they lose their perspective of the present.”

“The present is just a fleeting moment. It comes and it then it’s gone. Maybe without even being noticed.”

“We think about the past and nostalgia makes us feel sad. Or, we worry about the future and are too anxious to be in the present. The past and the future are just concepts that exist in the present.”

Then there’s this quote that I loved by the surfer named_____.

“I remember just being a little guy and hearing that line, you know, “we should dance like no ones watching” and it’s just like, yeah! Totally! That’s just it!”

“I want to surf how I’m feeling to surf and if things come from that, awesome, what a blessing, and if things don’t, whatever. I’m just having a grove in my own way and that’s cool, too.”

Another good one:

“You just roll with it, you roll with the punches and you deal with that and out of that comes good things. I’m convinced.”

These perspectives are so true. Like, think about it. Why bother time wasting energy on getting angry or sad if you don’t like what life throws at you. Like, it’s how you react to what life presents to you is what tells you about your character and the kind of person you are and what you want to be.

Like a lot of things in my life haven’t panned out the way I want to. Do you see me crying like a baby about it, sometimes. Then you think about it, and you’re like, “you know what, whatever. I’m not going to get angry or sad anymore because I’m just going to live on a daily basis and really focus on what’s right in front of me and that’s it.”

I’m not going to dwell on the past, I’m not going to focus on the future too much because now I’m losing sight of what’s right in front of me, and I’M MISSING IT.

We can get so wrapped up in our thoughts sometimes and it’s so frustrating. Like just chill. Tell yourself to be quiet and just roll with it. Just go with the waves of life. Ride them and chill. Don’t get too emotional about every little thing. It’s exhausting.

Just think about the littlest thing in the world, like having a cup of cereal with milk and think about how yummy it is and how grateful you are for being able to eat it and nourish you. Like the littlest thing in the present moment can be very fulfilling. It’s pretty amazing and really just relieving to be in the present moment.

There’s so many interesting points and deep thoughts in the film. If you’re interested in deep thoughts, surfing and some generally chill shit, go on Amazon, search through Amazon video and type in Proximity movie. Buy it and watch it. It’s worth it.



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