What is love?


Why are there so many different meanings of love? Why do some people call it love when it’s not? Why do people say they’re in love when they’re not? Why are people so confusing. Why aren’t people straight to the point with how they feel? Why can’t people communicate truthfully?

Complexity is a big part of this world and it makes living very confusing. When you like someone, you should tell them. Don’t beat around the bush. When you have a crush on someone, keep it to yourself because you know you’ll get crushed. When you mean something you say it. Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. I wish life was this simple and logical, but it isn’t.

I’ve noticed that the smarter you are, the more intelligent you are, the harder it is to relate sincerely with people. The harder it is to find a serious connection with someone.

The world and my culture makes you think that if you’re in a relationship, you’ll be happier. I beg to differ. I’m an innocent bystander sharing my thoughts about what I’ve been observing for over a decade.

I’ve seen many many people go into relationships just because they wanted a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I’ve seen very few relationships because people actually like each other. I see many relationships because people are lonely. I’ve seen people get into relationships because they’re trying to fill a void in their empty souls. I’ve heard about many people getting married, and then getting divorced a couple years later. Is there hope for true love? I’ve seen two people married for 30 years and one out of the two makes so many more sacrifices. How is that fair? Shouldn’t a relationship be fair?

Most relationships I’ve seen people get into is because people like the way another person looks; it’s solely based on physical attractiveness. Which in reality, is important, to a point.

You sure do want someone who looks like they can take care of themselves, but our world and culture has made this overly important than it needs to be.

“I see people, and I see no soul to them. All the young people have no depth to them. They have no beautiful deep and meaningful personalities that they bring to the table. Only meaningless shallow banter is what they have, and that’s pointless to me.”

I don’t believe relationships make people happier. I see women who are all the same, who change for their man, and who will do anything for him. The man is in control. I see men who change for their women, who do everything for her, and she’s still unhappy with a void. I see a man who gets into a series of failed relationships because he is afraid of his own company.

To be single is an art. It’s a discipline, and it isn’t easy, only when one has expectations and standards of who they want.

To be in a relationship is an art, to forgo the things you love for the one you love. It is to learn about yourself and the other. It is to learn about what you really want. What if you know what you want, and you’re just waiting for the right person?

What if you don’t want a relationship because many of the people you meet are all the same. The same boring conversations, with no meaning attached. People aren’t simple and straightforward with what they want. If they are, what they want doesn’t align with what you want.

Over the years, your wants and desires change. You don’t want what you used to want. You feel that you’re growing into your own person.

Some have principles and values that they will stand by until the day they die, and this strength and commitment frightens people. From the very start, they’re called intimidating. It’s hard to trust people because trust is earned, not given. The only way you can trust someone is to be vulnerable. The other person has to show you they’re trustworthy, too.

I don’t really understand the world I live in and every day it seems to get weirder and weirder for me. I see people and they’re all the same to me. They all do the same things. They’re predictable. They appear to be happy in their relationships, but the question is, are they?

It comes down to exchange. One exchanges for the other and vice versa. Some people, I see, give up their values and everything they cherish to make their “love” happy. Why should one every forego their values and principles for someone they love? How is that called love? I don’t agree you should change who you are and what you stand for, for someone else. You’ve lost yourself in someone else. You’ve changed who you are for someone else. Who are you now? Why do you have to sacrifice anything you deeply believe in for someone to love you.

That’s not love. That’s control.

If someone loves you, they will love what you believe in. They will not try to change you at all. They will grow with you. A love like this is a love very rare and beautiful and should be cherished very much so.

I’m just so tired of seeing distortions of love. I’m tired of seeing people who don’t love each other be together. I’m tired of people and culture portraying love as the answer to one’s happiness.

I believe that some people in this life can find happiness in another, and some people try but don’t find that person. That doesn’t mean that you’re not meant for love, it just means that it will take a bit longer to find that person that you can see yourself cohabit with.

But I don’t believe that you will be a happier person just because you’re in a relationship. Unless, by some magical you find someone that you can’t live the rest of your life without…


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