Where’s the Real Connection At?

Don’t you ever feel lost, or stuck, in this huge immense world, and you’re just a tiny you in a tiny place. You see the same people, do the same things, try to make changes, be around the right people. Work in the same job, that routine can get boring real fast. Go for a walk at the beach. Realize it feels good to do these little things but sometimes it just gets boring, and you feel lost.

I like to read. I really like to read inspiration speeches and quotes and about philosophy. These subjects take me away from the boring reality that I’m in. I mean sometimes it’s boring, and sometimes it’s not. I try to occupy my time with things that are meaningful when I’m bored.

I find it really hard to meet genuinely good, God-loving people around my area.  I feel that everyone is so absorbed in their own lives and what they’re doing that they forget about the cool people around them that they could have the potential chance of meeting. Only if they got their heads out of their little lives, in their little phones. There are a lot of cool people to meet, but I’m noticing something the more and more I go outside. I’m noticing that people aren’t open.

People aren’t open anymore to the world around them. Think about it. How many people do you see on their phones when they’re walking outside, or sitting, or whatever it is they’re doing. When people are in groups, do they seek out to make new friends? How do you meet friends these days? On Instagram? Well, that’s kind of hard given that it’s a social technological media site that makes you happy when you get likes or follows, but is there a real connection?

Where’s the real connection at today?

Where do you meet people who value the same things as you? Church? School? Work? Certainly not the bar! When I go to church, I don’t meet anyone. I pray at church. I go to school, I meet lots of people, but the people I meet come and go, and what I want is never in alignment with what they want. The timing is never right. Work, I’ve met a lot of people, some were absolutely fantastic, but where’s the connection? People come and they go and it’s really hard to find that bond. When you find it in someone, and then they leave town. Then it’s really hard.

Online dating absolutely positively SUCKS.

I’ve tried it multiple times just to see what’s on the internet. What a wasteland Tinder is. Bumble, too. All of these sites are sex promoting machines. They don’t establish a true connection with someone. I’ve tried Match, too. They’re all bogus. It seems like everyday they’re coming up with new sites like Hinge and MeetMindful, oh yeah, don’t forget about CoffeeMeetsBagel. Ugh. It’s tiresome. It’s irritating and to me, it’s such a waste of time. How can you solely judge someone off of a picture or two or four? It’s pathetic.

You know how I do best? Meeting people face to face. That connection. I can feel their aura, I can see what they look like, really. I can smell them. I can really get a true essence of a person when I see them in front of me. This is how communication works for me. Not on the stupid internet. The more wrapped up we are in our technologies, the more fundamentally dumb we become as humans. We’re disconnected with nature. The world is slowly falling apart at our fingertips. Our President tweets. What kind of world is this? What happened to real communication? Real connection, where is it?

Enlighten me in the comment section.



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