Would You Be a Daisy or a Rose?

Okay, there’s this poem I stumbled upon a while ago.


“and if you don’t

like me, as I do you;

I understand.

because who would

really choose a daisy, in a field

of roses?”


A bit sad, isn’t it? That the writer wouldn’t even pick herself because she’s a daisy in a field of roses and roses are prettier than daisies.

Wait. Who said roses are prettier than daisies?

Why are they prettier?

What makes them prettier? Their color? Their texture? The way they blossom?

Who the heck said a rose is prettier than a daisy?


Guess what?

I would choose the daisy.

I would choose the daisy just because it stands out.

It’s different and its difference makes it beautiful and makes it stand out.

It’s unique. A daisy could never be a rose and that’s a beautiful thing!

Would you choose a rose just because it’s beautiful and a popular choice? Would you choose a daisy because it’s got personality and it shines and illuminates the field with it’s contrasting difference?

Which one would you choose?

Or you can just be whatever damn flower you want to be!




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