Notes on Feelings

Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re having a nice start to your September, and I also hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend (and didn’t work on Labor day). I just wanted to write a little letter to talk about the power of prayer. I know a lot of people may not understand this because they are secular and are living a secular lifestyle. But prayer is changing my life, and I hope I can inspire more people to pray.

I’ve grown up a Roman Catholic, and growing up, I wasn’t really that religious. It wasn’t until I graduated from college when I actually started becoming more religious and wanting to know God. I know that this subject is a very sensitive one because religious is such a personal matter, and it really is. I feel like if people tap into their hearts, they will find that there is a part of them yearning for something much bigger, and beyond their understanding, and that’s God knockin’ on your heart and saying, here I am.

Because of prayer, I’ve been more at peace with my life. When I encounter times of worry, I pray because it keeps me at bay with my emotions. It keeps me controlled and centered.

I live in a culture where I feel so out of place sometimes. I feel like people only care about the way of the world, the business of the world, and the things involved in daily life. A lot of the people in this world that I’ve met, very very few of them I have connected with on a spiritual level. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There are so many people that just go about their days and not really connecting with you, but just making small talk, when you’re really looking for that needle that you can connect with. Like a visceral feeling that you just know, “Wow, that was a connection. I’m so happy I met that person. I feel like I met that person for a reason.”

I do agree that God brings people into your life for a reason. I believe that everyone can teach you a lesson, sometimes the method taught isn’t always a good one, but in the end, you learned a lesson. Not all people are around to make you feel joy, some make you feel pain, and that makes you stronger, even though it hurts.

You choose your people in life, and God helps direct you to the people you’re meant to be around. I feel like my life gets better when I just let God take control of my life and I stop making my plans.

Well, I’m glad I got that out.

I hope with this letter, I can gravitate more believers to my page! 🙂





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