My Health Journey

Thank goodness I’ve been well.

I’m adopting a healthier lifestyle. I’ve lost some weight and feel really good about it. I’m still not at my goal yet, but with every passing day, I’m getting there. 

Basically, let me share with you what I’ve been doing:

I’ve been cutting my portions! Like really small. I don’t eat that much in the morning. The real trick is to stay away from bread, pasta, and anything that has been processed. I love eating protein like eggs and white meats. I’m trying to give up red meat. Also, I’ve been drinking more fluids and lots of Green tea with honey, (I’m sure I’d lose a few more cutting out honey, but I simply can not do). Actually honey is AMAZING for your health.

I have coffee in the A.M., but I’m growing to like tea more and more everyday.

I also eat a balanced lunch. Dinner is when I try not to eat too much because it’s late at night. I also noticed that when I eat out a lot, my stomach hurts and can’t process really heavy food.

My body literally won’t allow me to eat the way I used to, and I’m super proud about that. For the fourth of July weekend, I reverted back to my old ways for that one day, and I certainly paid the price the day after. I was in so much pain from digestive problems that I thought I couldn’t go to work and had to take a painkiller.

It was bad. I noticed when I eat healthy, I don’t have any pain. When I eat terribly tasty and fattening food, and mix lots of different things into my stomach, I feel so terrible.

I’m learning so much about being healthy. I still have a little gut. I really have to get to the gym more. I also have to run more. I’m really trying to work on my consistency. That’s the hardest part when it comes to being physically active, is that you have to be consistent.

Did I mention that I hate spell check. I majored in English. I can edit out my own mistakes!


Although, I am so proud of myself for keeping the weight off. There is just one thing that I can’t resist, especially in the summer time…


Yeah… Ice cream has been killing me. But when I do go to Carvel to indulge, I always get the junior or children’s size. Who needs the biggest size. I also noticed that if I eat too many sweets, my stomach starts to hurt. I noticed when I eat tomato sauce or meatballs, I start to get heart burn. (Heart burn: acid indigestion that causes inflammation of the esophagus).

I’ve been trying to take prebiotic fiber and probiotics while also eating organic yogurt to take care of my digestion. I also have been taking Vitamin D3 for bone and overall health. I mostly get my vitamins from food.

Here’s what I’m learning so far in my journey:

1. Everything in Moderation

2. I can’t eat late at night.

3. Exercise at least 3-4 times a week.


5. Don’t drink too much alcohol.

Until then,


Instagram: Crisluvsjesus

By the way, I feel even more healthier since I’ve gotten rid of some social media sites that I’ve been using and really haven’t been beneficial to my mental health at all. Maybe you should consider deleting your personal site. I mean, it’s not real life, it’s internet life. Also, a lot of it is just plain stupid and you could spend so much more time looking at daisy’s or drinking a sweet tea on the porch instead. ❤



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