38 Priceless Things To Do When You’re Bored

  1. Clean the toilet
  2. If you have one, check your Instagram, (but limit the time to 20 minutes or less).
  3. Go outside for a walk
  4. Appreciate the outdoors.
  5. Read some poetry, short stories, or a good book.
  6. Read a children’s book.
  7. Massage your scalp.
  8. Take a bath.
  9. Or a hot shower.
  10. Or a cold shower.
  11. Or don’t take a shower, smelly.
  12. Brush your teeth.
  13. Eat an orange. (It can’t hurt you to eat an orange unless you’re allergic of course)
  14. Watch your favorite film.
  15. Go online/play games, but limit the time.
  16. Write.
  17. Take pictures of still life.
  18. Paint a still life.
  19. Draw a still life.
  20. Doodle.
  21. Create a masterpiece.
  22. Go to a free museum.
  23. Brew yourself some tea with honey. 🙂
  24. Or Coffee.
  25. Or espresso.
  26. Take a selfie if that makes you happy.
  27. Or make a cappuccino if you know how to.
  28. Or find an Italian who’ll make one for you!
  29. Clean your room.
  30. Listen to music on Spotify or any other free media platform.
  31. Watch a DVD, yeah… a DVD. (The new VHS).
  32. Watch a classic black and white film, (they’re not all that boring)!
  33. If you have a car, go for a drive.
  34. Or a run, or ride a bike, or a scooter.
  35. But please, don’t ride a hover board.
  36. Bake something if you have the ingredients.
  37. Force yourself to smile, it makes you laugh.
  38. Watch this video on YouTube. It’s hilarious (and creepy).

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