Count Your Blessings

I was taking a bath and took my two hands, placed them in the water, cupped my hands and was about to splash my face clean. But, I thought to myself while looking at the water. “Wow, I can’t believe that this even costs money.” Then I thought:

I’m so lucky to have the privilege to fill a bathtub with water.

Realizing that there are thousands of people in the entire world who don’t have that luxury makes me sad, yet it also makes me appreciate what I have.

I briefly saw a post on the website that in Africa, people are trying to make food out of dirt! I mean, is this really the world that I’m living in? It’s just so sad that while I have the convenience of going to a grocery store and can purchase food from limitless supplies of it, other people on other continents have nothing! Why is this world so unfair. I mean the sad thing is that there are people that have to deal with poverty their whole lives just because of one circumstance: the country that they were born in.

I have this luxury  to bathe every day while people in other countries can’t take showers because they don’t even have the plumbing and technology to do so. Today, kids are playing with iPad’s. Back when I was a kid, I played with fish.

Count your blessings because the things that we take for granted are the desperate wants desired by other people who have so much less than we Westerners do. We take for granted having a warm home, having warm water, and having clothing. We desire to continue to prove to ourselves that we can have more, so we work and work, to have more (of the things that we don’t need). This cycle, it’s relentless and useless. What we throw out, another would cherish forever.

“One mans trash is another mans treasure, what he doesn’t appreciate the next man will.”

Don’t take things for granted. Don’t take people for granted. Don’t over-consume. Think about what you really need. Life will be so much easier when you do.

Until then,


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