Snippets of Inspiration

Bruce Lee was a pretty amazing man. He was known as the Martial Arts master and all, but a lot of people don’t know about his intellectual and spiritual side. He really had a heart of gold. This is one of my favorite quotes of his. If everyone understood this, then we wouldn’t have any problems. There would be no “barriers” like race or gender. We are all people. We are one. We may look different, but inside, we are all the same. 

We need to spread love. That’s the goal of life. Love.

Reading inspirational books is very therapeutic, yet informative!
This is Leo DiCaprio’s quote in Parade magazine (January 2016).

I want to elaborate on this.

Isn’t it funny that Leonardo DiCaprio thinks this? You would think a man of wealth would brag to the world to become wealthy to enjoy all the worldly riches of life, and you’ll never have to worry about anything. Wrong. I don’t believe people with wealth are all that happy, better yet, they’re more stressed out. Like Biggie Smalls said, “more money, more problems.” I don’t think I will every understand the concept of money because it’s just a piece of paper, that we all work so hard for, to survive. There is so much more to life than the acquisition of money.


I like to do a bit of painting here and there, it’s very relaxing. It’s nothing like what a real sunset looks like; it just makes me think of one. Then, I smile because I love everything about sunsets.
This made me laugh.
Always take advice like this.
Think about what’s next to come, but remember to enjoy the present day.


And… no one liked him supposedly. I also heard he smelled bad. He lived a very hard life, and his work, like many artists wasn’t appreciated and admired until AFTER his death. I think it takes a lot of hard work to be an artist. The arts are always underrated in this business-hyped world, but the arts have so much to offer humanity. 
I love C.S. Lewis’ quotes. Check out more of him at 


and even when everything seems like it’s not working out. Life throws curveballs, you just have to learn how to catch them… And sometimes, things aren’t meant to be, we just have to move forward. But never give up on what you want to do in this life. We have such a short time here, we might as well do what we love to do, don’t you think?
This really is one inspiring quote. Fear isn’t always a good thing when it’s holding you back from everything.


I think that people should do more listening than talking. I mean, in reality, we don’t know everything. Always keep your ears listening to your surroundings. Listen. The world has a lot to say. Listen to things that will make you stronger.



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