My Message to the Future Generation

Hello, boy or girl, man or woman, dog, bird, Chewbacca, whoever you are…

I have some advice for you…

“Stay classy, not trashy.”


“Always be classy.”

Yes, I know we live in a world where the whole world knows about the useless Kardashian family. I personally think their show is a load of garbage and knowing about their lives are not going to benefit anyones knowledge. Why know about people who actually haven’t done anything to make this world a better place?

The people that really matter, those people who really make a change in this world, they’re not even recognized, or they’re recognized in a very tiny way.

Girls, here’s a message. Why do you dress provocatively? I’m a woman, and I have never found that to be something to admire. I pity women that do this because I don’t understand why you feel the need to show off  parts that shouldn’t be exposed to the world. Do you have dignity? Where’s the pride in yourself? What are you gaining from that? Is that the kind of attention that you want from your peers or your neighbors?

“If you can’t respect yourself, how do you expect anyone to respect you?”

When you dress provocatively or inappropriately (and you know what I mean). (Unnecessary overexposure). Do you think people will take you as a respectable, classy and smart woman? Our bodies are not meant to be exposed or taken advantage of, they’re ours!  Your body is sacred. Take care of it, cherish it, and protect it.

I look around the world I live in, and I see so many people doing things that I don’t understand. Saying things that aren’t nice, and hurting others. I see selfishness the most. It makes me sad. I see so many people thinking about “me, me, me,” how about “us?” What happened to caring about our neighbors, caring about humanity, caring about the world?

What are you gaining by buying things you don’t need, saying things that aren’t nice, being something you’re not? Life is too short to be squandering this time that has been given to you to do stupid and useless things like taking “selfies” 24-7, and wasting your money on the lottery when you can be saving towards something meaningful. Doesn’t it seem too good to be true to win money you haven’t even worked for? Hello! It’s a scam.

Millennial’s, why do you need to take a “selfie” every five minutes? I mean does that boost your self-esteem somehow that you’ve looked at yourself? Oh yeah, and I can’t believe that there’s such a thing called a “selfie stick.” I mean, what world am I living in?

Also, young people. Why is it that I’m the only young person donating blood every time I give a pound away? Why aren’t more young people donating blood and doing selfless things to make this world a better place? (I will talk more about this is another article).

I want to see a change that I myself can’t complete. I’m only one being. I know a lot of people think like me, but I don’t know how we can start to make this world, our home, a better place.

I want to inspire the young minds to reach for the stars. To pursue your dreams. To never give up. Call me a dreamer. Obviously you have to be realistic, but don’t limit yourselves. I see people, young people, that are throwing their lives away. They’re smart, but they don’t see it. They can’t see it, and they don’t want to see it. They make choices that will effect the rest of their lives. People making stupid decisions, people smoking, drinking, doing drugs, gambling, selling their bodies, their souls.

Going out clubbing and drinking gets boring, you can do something amazing instead. You can create ideas to change the world and make the world a better place, yet instead you waste loads of money on something that will eventually destroy you.

Make decisions for the future, not for today.

You know all those kids in school that studied every night in high school. They didn’t go out. They didn’t drink. They got bullied. They got made fun of. Guess what? Now, you’re working for them. They’re hard work turned into success, and

No. It didn’t happen overnight, either.

You know all those successful people that you see. Those people who are trying to make changes, inventing new things to make the world more efficient. Those people who are creating new technologies, inventing new medicines, coming up with new studies, those intellectuals? They worked hard to get where they’re at.

“You have to sacrifice the good for the great.”

Everyone wants to be famous, yet no one is willing to put in the immense hours of hard work to get there. But really, do you want fame, fortune? Why? Do you really think you’ll be happier when everyone knows you, and everything you do gets monitored and watched? Your private life becomes known to the world. I mean, you can’t even grab a cup of coffee without being harassed by people who either love you or hate you. We all see how glamorous the appearance of being famous is, but I’m sure it’s not what it looks like. Nothing ever is…

Young people. Do your homework. You know what’s cool?

Being really smart.

You’ll soon learn to know that everything that looks cool, isn’t actually cool. What’s really awesome is being a good person who knows their stuff at the end of the day. (Not the super model in the ad that’s smoking a cigarette and is half-naked). Every decision you make will affect your future self. It all depends on what you want. “You make your bed, you sleep in it.”

Classy is being respectful and kind towards your peers.

Classy is not taking advantage of anyone.

Classy isn’t just about how you dress, it’s about how you make people feel.

Classy isn’t just those black and white films on the TCM Network.

Classy is doing the right thing and inspiring others to be gentle and kind.

Classy is helpful and kind.

Classy will always be successful.

Don’t you want to be classy?


Insta: crisluvsjesus


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