Simon Nessman’s Words and Some Commentary


I love this quote. Don’t you think too many young people settle for less because they’re lonely? They do stupid shit with people they don’t even love because they’re lonely. What’s up with that.

“Just be Yourself.”

Here are some cool pics that Simon Nessman models for:



I love the curly hair. He even said in an interview on YouTube regarding his hair: “I’m just going with it.”

I watched this video:

I recognized how rude Sean O’Pry was to Simon Nessman regarding his curly hair. I have a problem with this because one, I have curly hair, and number two, it’s just rude to say.

Sean O’Pry: “What does it feel like to look like a Chia Pet?”

(Are you serious? Wow. Sean, that’s rude)!

Simon Nessman: “You know it took some time getting used to. You know, when I was younger kids used to make fun of me a little bit, but uh, you know, I decided to take the look and go with it. And uh, I think I’m bringing it back, you know? That 80’s kind of little afro thing? Like, it’s coming back!”

(Nice comeback, Simon)!

Sean O’Pry: “I honestly don’t think there’s anything wrong with your hair. Honestly, I’d love to wake up and look like a cherub everyday, but I don’t. Unfortunately.”

(Well, I guess that’s a nice thing to say. I feel a hint of sarcasm, though).

Watch the rest of the interview. Nessman talks about how he loves being at the beach (Tribune Bay (in Canada) is his favorite), and more.

Until then,


Instragram: crisluvsjesus




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