An Article You HAVE to Read…

“Man of the World”

Leonardo DiCaprio

LeodPhotographs by John Russo

“The idea of pursuing

material objects your

whole life is

absolutely soulless.”


Everyone knows Leonardo DiCaprio as the actor in many films, the teenager heart-throb in Titanic, the schemer in Catch Me If You Can, the dramatic and secretive man in The Great Gatsby, and many more films that leave a lasting impression.

But this article isn’t really aiming on just Leo’s career in acting. Written by Dotson Rader of Parade Magazine, portrays Leo in his current light, in spreading the word to the world about environmental protection and awareness, even talks about his past life. Leo talks about the meaning of life, what the main focus of life is, and his passions to help leave a mark on this world.

Please read this article!

It will open your eyes to a whole new perspective on what’s really important in this gift we call life.

Here’s another quote from Leo:

“Two hours inside of a theater can transport you into a completely other universe. To me, that’s the beauty of movies.”

Don’t you agree? 🙂

Here’s the link:

Until then,


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