Beer Lover’s Paradise

By: Cris on a Mission

Young people, with a good brew in your hands, you’re living the high life. No, really, you are. Cask Republic in downtown Stamford is the place to be on Thirsty Thursday or Foolish Friday. If you’re looking for a specific brew loaded with different hints of flavors, then go to this little hole-in-the-wall pub. They’re known for their cask-conditioned ales, which are pressurized with carbon dioxide. They have a wide variety of ales, pilsners, lagers, stouts, Belgians, even wheat beer.

They also have pale ale and ciders, which are some of my favorites. I tried the Spanish Cider ($8), but I honestly got a weird olive-oil aftertaste, so I passed on that one. Then, I tried the cherry-infused cider, and that wasn’t so bad. Being a bit too picky isn’t always the best way to be when going out to eat or drink; you might as well just buy a six-pack and head home for Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

To start off with a drink, I decided to order wine. They have a small variety of wines, so I tried the house rosé ($9), and I wasn’t disappointed with that. It was smooth, crisp, and definitely worth it. They have a cheese board for a starter as well; it came with a variety of different cheeses, some jam, whole grain mustard, dried cranberries, and a very interesting kind of bread. The ciabatta bread had slices of green olives baked inside it; it was delectable. The cheese we picked was a variety from Utah called “Barely Buzzed,” and a cheese from Holland called “Beemster.” They were both incredibly palatable with a sharp bite to them. The bread paired very well with the cheeses, and the wine was the perfect finish to wash it down.

But back to Cask Republic: when you walk in, the lights are dim, and you get a classic, homey-bar feel. The crowd is full of people in their twenties just trying to mingle and have a good time. The food is really good and has a nice presentation. I ordered the Ahi Tuna Ceviche ($16); it was delicious. The tuna had a lot of flavor, but the portion size was very small. It had a creamy mayonnaise side, but then they put potato chips on it. That completely ruined the essence of the dish. You don’t mix ceviche with fried potato chips.

For anyone who has a dreadful sweet-tooth syndrome, order something other than what I ordered for dessert. The Raspberry Chocolate Ice Cream ($6), to my dismay, didn’t have the fresh raspberries that I was expecting. The ice cream was “raspberry-infused,” but the waiter claimed there were raspberries inside. When I dug into it with the spoon, no raspberries. I expected actual raspberries inside. It was kind of disappointing if you really like raspberries. The chocolate ice cream was also really rich, and it was hard to detect the taste of raspberries. To me, I would skip dessert at Cask Republic and just order a pilsner or another glass of rosé.



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