Get Rid of Clutter

We all hold on to a lot of things that we really don’t need. Lots of things that we have, we actually don’t really need.

Have tons of books you don’t read? Donate them to a local library. Have lots of clothes that you (in reality) don’t need and don’t wear? Donate them to a clothing drive, clothing drop, or give them to someone you might know that can use them.

Be proactive. Don’t let clutter sit around and bother you. (I mean, everyone should have one space of clutter, but not everywhere). Clutter produces a stale energy. It’s not a good energy to have in your home or work place. Getting rid of things that you don’t need will help you mentally feel better. Also, you’ll feel good for giving away the things that you don’t need. It’s a win-win situation.

Also, don’t get rid of things and keep buying things that you don’t really need. Only purchase things that you need. If you want to save money, then you should buy certified pre-owned, used, or refurbished! I save a lot of money buying things on sale, too!

So the next time you want to buy that dress that you know will just sit in your closet, don’t do it! Also, you’ll have more of an opportunity to save your money for things you really need, like that bag of Terra chips or applesauce!



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