Be Grateful in This Chaotic World

To appreciate happinesss, we need times of sorrow.

We need chaos to appreciate sanity.

Unfortunately, there is evil. I’m not a fan of it, and its not fair that there is evil. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a balance between good and evil, and we hear of a lot of hatred in the media. But there is good (even though it isn’t publicized as much). It’s important as a human being, and a believer of good, to spread love as much as you can.

There will be days of sorrow, anger, confusion, retribution, angst, depression, anxiety, joy, bliss, and many more emotional states that we feel; that’s just how life is. An expectation to be happy all the time is a recipe for disaster.

We need balance.

We really need to spread the love,

so this hate…


One thing I am learning about life, is this: “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.”

You must appreciate what you have, because what you have, someone may not have. What you have is what someone may need. Be grateful that you are blessed with the opportunity to be educated, to be literate, to have internet connection, and computers because more than half the world doesn’t even have that!


It’s not: “It is what it is.”

“It is what you make it.”

Being happy in hard circumstances is a choice; it’s a state of mind. You can’t be happy one hundred percent of the time, (because that would just be weird, and people will think there’s something wrong with you). Find the balance in life that you can live with.

God Bless Y’all.


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