The Absolute Product to Wash Your Face With

I discovered something very cool, and strange. It’s unlike any other facial product I’ve discovered. When I purchased it at Sephora, the beautician told me that this product is one of the best products she has and loves using it because it makes her skin feel so smooth.


So I said, “Hey, let’s try it.” I had nothing to lose but eight bucks. So I took a chance and got what’s called TATCHA Polished classic rice enzyme powder ($8 and 10g). It’s small IMG_20150826_091636375because I got the sample size. It’s a powder that you mix with water in your hand and then wash your face with it. It’s made of only rice powder, water, different forms of cellulose, papaya extract, green tea leaf extract, a hydrolyzed pearl protein, rice bran, algae extract, glycerin (sugar), some benzoate’s and sorbates, alcohol, and other non-harsh ingredients.

It’s non-irriIMG_20150826_091657178tating, so it’s good for people like me with sensitive skin and also combination skin. It’s also Dermatologist-tested. It doesn’t contain any parabens, artificial fragrances or mineral oil (that can clog pores).

It works really well and doesn’t dry out your skin. I would totally recommend this product. For more information, go to:


Instagram: crissylovesjesus


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