A Little Bit of Perspective

I have to share something from my heart to yours:

We are all people. Why does it matter where you came from? What you are? What your parents are? Why does that matter?

Does it really matter what you look like? What you’re wearing? What designer your shoes are? Who’s getting married? What color your hair is? What color your eyes are? What texture your hair is? What color your skin is? What job you do? What your parents do? What car you drive? Where you live?

Why does any of this matter? We were all created differently; that’s what makes us unique. It’s a really beautiful thing to be unique. We are all here on this earth, we might as well just get along and get rid of all this HATE.

You know what matters? What’s in your HEART is what matters. heart emoticon If you have a beautiful heart, then that’s beautiful!

You want to know what my life’s goal is? It’s not to have a lot of money! It’s not to work more than I live! It’s not to have all the material things in the world. It’s to HELP PEOPLE. Every single day, that is my goal! If I have not helped someone out in each day that I receive, then I’ve failed for that day. That’s my goal. I know that I’m here to help people and I’m also here to spread “love” to the people I meet in this world.

That’s my goal. What’s yours?

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Quote of the Day:

“Being old fashioned is now strangely countercultural. Mayberry has somehow become the new punk rock. It’s outside the norm. It’s different. So what? If God has placed a longing in your heart for a better way to live, who cares what the current batch of revolving-door cultural gatekeepers have to say about it? Be different.” ~ Rik Swartzwelder

~ CrisonaMission

Instagram: crissylovesjesus


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